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Lead Quantum Entanglement Lead Quantum Entanglement

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I know that this will pass judgement and get filewapped because of the avatar I saw before, and the description/title. I didnt even watch it. However, I voted 5 so it will get through and I will have a better chance at the protection point than if I voted 2.

Super Mario bros Z intro Super Mario bros Z intro

Rated 0 / 5 stars

at least trace the images yourself or something

christ, this is the the most overrated thing I've seen in a while.

The preloader is consists of the exact same sprites I saw last time I opened one of these. luigi drinking some shit and mario and sonic itching thier heads, and shadow just standing there.
It starts out with some gif of purple and black, and then I see some fucking google images of sonic and mario, wtf, I've seen stuff like that get blammed.

The only good thing to note is the 3d text, but it is followed by stuff that is basically fancy images and animated gifs flashing rapidly while crappy music plays.

How fucking hard is it to draw a short plump guy with a mustache and overalls?

Reading your comments, I see that the music is from megaman. How many popular game referances can you include? I know you aren't telling the mario/sonic/megaman fans how to vote, but this is just asking for it.

I tried to look for a catagory I could increase to one just for the sake of prolonging the reviews deletion by angry fanboys, but I couldn't find one. The graphics where good, but you didn't draw them. The style wasn't yours, the sound was shitty, no real "violence", it wasn't a game, and certainly wasn't funny.

try harder, if you can't draw, team up with someone who can and work your tweening magic on those drawings, but this is just pathetic.

...oh, and the 46*46 looks like hes taking it up the butt

Alvin-Earthworm responds:

If you've actually visited my Deviantart gallery, you can see I am perfectly capable of drawing. This sprite series is just something I enjoy working on the side.
As I said to another reviewer who gave me 0: What people fail to comprehend is the fact that I didn't make this for the popularity, I just wanted to make a sprite parody for shits and giggles, expecting to get average scores like the majority of aprite flashes here on NG. I didn't submit each episode thinking I was shoe in for Daily Feature and a huge fanbase to boot. It just proves that there are many individuals who enjoy this kind of thing.
The only thing I hate is how the haters put the blame on me for the series being so popular. Newsflash! It's the viewers that made the series popular. The thousands of people who enjoy and vote 5 on my stuff is what made the series such a hit. I didn't go up to Tom Fulp and ask him to make an internet based mind control ray so people would automatically vote 5. So in future, blame the fans for the high ratings.
Either way, the occasional negative feedback won't stop me from working on something I enjoy. So I suggest people learn to accept that.